Inventory and Transparency "on the fly"

Warehouse logistics

Do you have your storage under control?


Vessel, containers, pallets, transport boxes...with the conbee Smart TAG you will always know where your properties are and in what condition they are in!

  • Real time locating objects
  • Monitoring of machines and general cargo
  • Efficient use of machines and personnel
  • Process optimization

Telematics & Logistics

All goods shipped? Delivery without incident? The conbee Smart Tag logs each transport and provides relevant Data!


  • Freight and Cargo Monitoring
  • Detection motion and temperature
  • Electronic Seal function
  • Optimization od processes and inventory

Healthcare & Pharmacy

Know where medical equipment is at any time? et! Monitoring the condition of medicines...the conbee Smart Tag gives you always the necessary safety!


  • Track transport of medical equipment - from ultrasound machine to organ donation box
  • Know whereabouts and location of people and equipment
  • Optimization of working processes in hospitals

Facility Management

Intelligent guiding visitors, electronic guidance systems, access controls...the conbee Smart Tag gives you the necessary overview!


Optimization of working processes in industrial environments, Airports, port operations, hospitals


Detection of the presence and absence

Alarm when leaving / entering defined areas

Theft and tamper protection