conbee makes Objects smart!

The Internet of Things, short IoT, will change Companies, different Industries and even complete Nations dramatically in a short period of time. It will enable new economic growth and increased competitiveness. According to a study from Morgan Stanley there will be more than 75 billion devices connected with the Internet by 2020! conbee GmbH will be actively involved in this process with its smart, innovative products and solutions.

conbee gives your "things" a voice!

Auto-ID for process optimization

The conbee Smart TAGs are active, battery-powered Auto-ID / RFID sensors that provide information about the environment, the state and movement in real time up to several years recording time (data logger) and can be secured by encryption transmit wirelessly. Unique identifying, locating in real time and providing other parameters are an important aspect of the industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution" (cyber physical systems).


  • Optimization of logistics and production processes
  • Transparency across the entire supply chain
  • Scalable solutions for transport logistics
  • Improvement of storage concepts
  • Optimized resources & costs
  • Increase of productivity

Information about conbee

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